Where We’ve Been…

So as you guys have probably noticed, we’ve been totally awol since December. Honestly there’s no other excuse then school. Highschool, especially grade 11 and 12 is hard, stressful, irritating and busy af.

So, I thought i’d give you a life update, and of course…some pictures and news!

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When it snowed…photoshoot of course.
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Actually went to explore nature in the snow.
Tons of driving practice
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And as usual, bathroom selfies with Maddy and Buddy 

As well as this short blog post, with our limited amount of pictures, we have news. Maddy will be leaving the blog until further notice to persue other interests like dance and acting, as well as focusing on school. Me though, Janine, I will be keeping the blog but simply postponing it until 2019.

I think it’s just too hard to focus on school, volunteering, finding work and maintaining a good family and social life. It’s better to wait until you can fully commit to blogging full time rather than put out half-assed work. (Pardon the language)

I hope you all understand and goodbye for now, I’ll hopefully see you in 2019.




My Favorite Gifts (Christmas)

Hi lovelies, this is honestly so late. To be completely honest with you all, I have been procrastinating this blog post so much. I meant to write this before New Years and have it up, obviously that did not happen. Lol.

This Christmas came by so quick, Christmas always goes by way too fast for me. But honestly it was one of the best Christmases I’ve ever had. I feel like this year is really a “new me” because I am way more mature. Anyways, let’s get right into the amazing gifts I received this Christmas! (Long overdue)

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I bought this Teapot with a strainer inside for all the herbal teas I received, It’s from Shoppers Drug Mart!
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This is my new favorite face cleanser, it’s so gentle.
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Tarte is by far, my favorite makeup brand. I bought 2 kits from them and eyelashes of course. Their mascara is the best mascara ever.
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I got a Bath and Body Works set from my aunt and the Body Butter is my favorite!
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Every Christmas my mom gets us the Purdy’s Himalayan Pink Salt Chocolate Caramels and they’re divine!
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I’ve wanted both Rapi Kaur’s books for as long as I can remember and I finally bought them from Chapter’s along with the cutest teacup ever!
2018-01-03 21.46.53
I also received this cute Cinema Light Box and I love it so much!
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Maddy got me this bath bomb from Lush, and it’s the cutest one ever! It released stars in my bathtub which was adorable!
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I also got this BEAUTIFUL notebook and pen from Chapter’s.
2017-12-25 08.27.08
And a major ELF haul *heart eyes emoji*

And that’s all my favourite Christmas Gifts I recieved this year! Next blog post will be coming soon, but for now, stay tuned on our Instagram and Twitter for lovely pictures!



How to deal with stress

WE ARE BACK GUYS! It’s a been a while and that’s only because first, we are both full time students and we both have very hard and busy classes this semester. Also, during the break we were very busy as well and we just needed some time to relax and not stress about anything. But were back and ready to go! Todays blog post I’ve been thinking about what to write about and I thought about the thing that’s been taking over the most and that is stress.

Stress is just a thing we all go through at times and we don’t know how to deal with it. Honestly last week I was on the verge of a breakdown because the stress was weighing down on me so much. I’ve done a lot of research on how to de-stress and make it better plus thing that I have been doing. I hope this blog post is helpful to you all💓
1. Find out the thing that stresses you out. This one may be a obvious one to some but I know that sometimes I will have no clue what’s stressing me out. When i find the thing that stresses me out I like to write it in my journal.

2. Lay it all out and make a plan. I do this all the time because this week I have 3 finals in very hard subjects, 1 test, 3 projects, and a bunch of homework! What I like to do is get a copy of the days and write everything down I need to do that day, when my finals are and homework is due. For me it’s better if I see everything visually. Then I plan out when I’m going to do everything.

Ways to De-stress

1. Physical activity- I find this one doesn’t only help me, but tons of other people I know personally. I know someone who suffers with anxiety and lots of stress and they go to Zumba a ton and it really helps them get their mind off of it. Getting involved in a physical activity can be used as a surrogate to metabolize the excessive stress hormones and restore your body and mind to a more calmer and relaxing state. Examples are yoga, Zumba, dance, swimming, running or walking, going to the gym, bike ride. There are so many things!
2. Get more sleep! Stress does affect the amount of sleep we get sometimes because there are so much things on your mind you cannot relax. Before bed what I always do is read. Reading really helps me relax rather than going on my phone. I usually read for about 40 minutes before bed. Another one is using sleep apps which my fellow blogger Janine actually wrote a whole blog post about ( https://wp.me/p8PCFg-Tc )  actually used to listen to stories when I was little on my old CD player😂 but stories can help people fall asleep so much and reduce the things whirling around in your head.
3. Have a hot bath. This one is pretty basic but this is a one a do all the time when I’m stressed. I love to just turn off all the lights, light a candle and play some relaxing music or read. Also I’m obsessed with bath bombs and they’re so relaxing and soothing. It’s honestly so relaxing I love it!

4. Read. I know I know I talk about reading a lot but seriously I think reading is so important! Reading helps me de stress so much because you just get loss in this other world. And if you hate reading then I actually wrote a whole blog post on how to fall in love with reading again ( https://wp.me/p8PCFg-VG )

Book I’m currently reading!

5. Writing and colouring. I love writing  in my journal. I have a stress log that I keep and it just feels good to write everything down. You don’t need to even write about your stress but can create stories or something if you enjoy writing! Colouring is always a great way to de-stress and there’s so many adult colouring books out now. It’s so relaxing and it just takes your mind off of things. I know it sounds cheesy but I even have one and it really helps!
6. Lots and lots of water! This is more a self care one but self care is also so important in dealing with stress. But driking 8 cups of water really helps and is so good for you!
7. A clean and organized space ( aka room) okay okay i’ll admit, sometimes my room can get very messy. But I’ve found out recently that when my room is messy I hate it and it stresses me out. So I try to keep my room as clean and tidy as possible by putting away things and making my bed. I’m currently re-doing my room because I want to make it way more organized and elegant.
8. Don’t think about stuff you can’t control. I can’t tell you how many times I would stress over something that I couldn’t control. It took me a while to figure out that I can’t control it, I can’t do anything and I need to stop stressing over it and really just focus on me. Sometimes there’s things in the world we can’t control like say a earthquake because earthquakes scare and stress me out so much because where I am they say a huge big one is coming. It always stressed me out for the longest time until I realized I needed to stop stressing over it because it can’t control it😂
9. Try eat healthier. This is another self care tip but eating healthier just makes yourself and your body feel better in genreal. Trust me I don’t eat the healthiest , but my goal for 2018 is to really improve my eating habits. When people start to eat healthier they feel better and happier.
10. Talk to someone. Sometimes you just need to let it all out. I’m so thankful I have my fellow blogger Janine who I literally rant to her everyday about the stress I feel and she always tries to calm me down.

Find someone who who you can trust and talk to about your problems with them. This isn’t a thing for everyone but for me it helps when I say stuff out loud.
11. Be more positive. Being more positive can really make you see a whole other part of the world. I’ve been trying so hard to stay more positive about things and it feels great rather than being negative. Being positive just in general can make you a happier person and maybe re duce your stress.
12. Journaling. I have really been into journaling lately and I just write about my day the good, bad, hard, stressful parts about it. Bullet journaling is great because you can organize your life all in a journal and help you de stress.

I hope you all enjoyed todays blog post and it helped you out!
Xoxo – M

Christmas Gift Guide

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.”

Hi beauties, Christmas is around the corner and by now probably 70% of people have gifts. Wrapped, labelled and ready to go for the big day. Not the case for me and several other people! Unfortunately, this happens every year and it’s a huge struggle to find the perfect gift for the right person.


You go to stores, frantically trying to find gifts but they’re almost all sold out in items that are especially unforgettable. Uncommongoods.com is a website that sells unique products that are handmade by people around the globe. The website has handmade, recycled and organic gifts for everyone of any age. They have collections in categories on the website to help you find items for the specific person you’re looking to give gifts to.

Finding gifts for friends is a hard task, especially for teen friends because usually teenagers are picky with the types of gifts they want. To find the most amazing teen gifts, you can view them on the website here.


Uncommongoods even has an expert gift guide to assist you in finding just the right gift for anybody. Sunny, their expert gift guide, searches a broad spectrum of interests all at once to get you a personalized collection of gifts. To summarize, he allows you to see items that fit your interests or the person you’re gifting to! We highly recommend using Sunny because he does all the work for you conveniently and helps you find just the perfect item! See a
Sunny IG screenshots

To find a great stocking stuffer, you can view a collection here.When you find the great gift, sometimes you may be like me and totally forget to find stocking stuffers! I constantly am forgetting this year by year and by using this gift guide and using the other collections included on the website, it will definitely help you get everything done at once!

Thank you guys for reading and if we don’t upload before Christmas, we’re wishing you all the happiest of Christmases!!


-M and J

Prepare for Christmas Like A Pro

“Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”

The holiday season is time for family to come together, friends to exchange gifts, people to fall in love and children to believe. Although, for many parents and young adults, this time of year is super stressful.


You probably have TONS of gift shopping to do, have to still organize plans with family, tons of parties to go to and not enough time in the month. Even for teenagers, the holidays are stressful. We have parties to go to, people to shop for, struggling to get gifts due to lack of money, and not to sound like a drama queen but…we have to find the perfect outfits for every single event.

If you’re like me and have to have everything perfect for Christmas and New Years, then you know how unbelievably stressful this time of year is. You want to destress this month though, make sure that everything is already done and then you can enjoy all the festivities before the big day comes. That’s when planning and a big To-do List comes in handy.

In order to organize for Christmas, I plan everything ahead and set a strict due date by which everything must be finished by. (usually the 15th of December for me) Here’s a list of things that you guys can add to your To-do list and have done by a specific date!

• Making Christmas Cards

A few years ago, I purchased a box of about 1000 different Christmas cards that came with envelopes as well. They have little traditional sayings in them like ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ and I’ve used these for years now, making all my cards for teachers, family members and friends on one day and having them prepared for everybody’s presents!


• List of Presents

Every single year in November, I ask all my friends and family members what they want for Christmas or I already know what i’m getting them, and I list everybody’s names on paper and put the present and cost next to each name. This way, I know where and how much I need to spend during December to stay extra organized!


• DIY Christmas Gifts

Sometimes you struggle with knowing what to give somebody, and obviously you want to give them something they’d like and hold special to their heart. That’s when ‘Do It Yourself’ gifts come in handy. Thanks to the internet and Pinterest these days, you can find TONS of DIY’s to make and give away!

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• Two Birds, One Stone

So DIY gifts are wonderful, especially if you can kill two birds with one stone and only make 1 huge DIY. An example of this is DIY bath salts. One year, I bought a huge bag of epsom salts at my local Shoppers Drug Mart, and I made my own DIY bath salts. I placed them into small containers and gave at least 6 people spa baskets and included my little DIY in all of them. PERFECT for kids and women!

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DIY Coconut Bath Melts Blog Post —> Here

• One Thing Everyday

In order to not fall behind on things, I make sure to do at least 1 holiday thing every single day. Whether it’s somewhere to go, crossing an item off a list, making a present or DIY, decorating, planning in my planner. I make sure to ALWAYS do 1 thing every day minimum.


Thank you for reading lovelies! I hope this helps any overwhelmed people out there to stay on top of things! The key to destressing, is time management and planning!



How To Fall In Love With Reading

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.”

Hi guys! It’s Maddy again! As many people know, I am obsessed with reading and reading is something very special to me. I know tons of people who either hate reading, don’t have time to read, or lost their passion for reading.

I think reading is truly something special and everyone should read! There was even a time in my life where I started hating reading and would only read my Magic Tree house books and Allie Frinkles rules for girls (which btw for kids books are pretty darn good!) But I was in grade 5 and moving to middle school soon and my teachers needed me to read more mature books.

It took a while but my teacher gave me a series that I fell in love with completely. To this day, it’s my favourite series (The Hunger Games)

Today I’m gonna give you some tips and book recommendations! Also,I made a list of my favourite series which you should all check out as well -> here

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1. Think about what you enjoy (genres)
There are so many genres out there such as fantasy, mystery, drama, horror, fiction, etc…. try to pick out a genre that interests you!

2. Ask different people on book options and look online! What I like to do to find books is look online like on Goodreads or YouTube! Goodreads is an awesome website because you can save the books you already read, currently reading, and want to read. It also gives you other people’s opinions on the book as well which is always helpful! It’s also helpful to ask friends who read what their favourite books are! Remember the book is really the key to enjoy reading, because if you hate the book then you’re going to hate reading it! Janine’s Favourites

My Favourites

3. Find time to read
Finding time to read can be a bit challenging because we’re all so busy. What I do is every night before bed I read. I always read at least 30 mintues before bed or if my book is really good then 1 hour before. Reading is good before bed rather than being on your phone and for me it helps me fall asleep faster! Although it can be hard because sometimes I don’t want to put the book down but it makes me tired anyways 😂 Weekends are good too because I have more time so I read a lot more on weekends!

4. Re-read your childhood books!
Sometimes to get back into reading you need to start reading the books you enjoyed! It can remind you how much you actually loved reading! Or it doesn’t necessarily have to be a book you read when you were younger, it could be book you read a year ago or something. I personally always re-read books!

5. Watch a movie or tv series based on a book series
Just like the Harry Potter movies or The Mortal Instruments movie and tv show! I know probably everyone loves watching tv so maybe watch a movie that was based on a book! Like I first discovered The Book Theif by watching the movie and I fell in love with it! So I had to read the book and the book is absolutely amazing!

6. Create or join a book club
I’ve never joined or created a book club before but from what I heard, they can really motivate you to read a lot!
7. Try to start off small
Reading a 800 page book may not be the best idea if your just trying to start to read again. 300 I think is a good number of pages because it’s not too short and not too long. Sometimes with long books, people loose interest and start to feel the pressure over the size of the book. So start small and don’t worry you’ll get to the big ones soon.
8. Read at least 3 or 4 chapters
Try to read at least 3 or 4 chapters before putting it down. Remember the first couple of chapters may not be that interesting because it’s just the whole intro of the book and it’s hard to really get into a book with the first two chapters. Just because you may not have liked the first chapters doesn’t mean you won’t like the whole book. You just have to have patience.


I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post and maybe it inspired you to start reading! Comment some of your favourite books below, I would love to hear them and read them! Xoxo – M

My Favourite Jewelry Items – November Edition

“A beautiful necklace really adds the perfect touch to an outfit.”

This post is going to be just a short collection of my favourite necklaces and other jewelry items that i’ve collected over the years. I love all these items so much so let’s get into it!

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This necklace has a key on it, it’s so cute and sparkly and I just love it! The gold just really adds to an outfit, it makes it pop amazingly!

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Oh my goodness, this is probably one of the most beautiful necklaces I’ve ever gotten as a gift. So sparkly and gorgeous, it has a little blue tint to the diamonds and I am in love with it!

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Normally, I don’t wear gold hoop earring’s or any hoop earrings but these gold ones are so pretty and I feel like the good just makes it pop out so much! They look really good with my green eyes and I just fell in love with these ones!

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You guys have probably seen me post about this necklace before, I got it on the site shein.com and I love it so much! It has an amethyst stone on the outer edge and then in the middle is a half moon! It’s so cute and long!

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I’ve had this necklace for really long, and you can’t really see in the picture but it’s super shiny! It has two hearts; a big one that says love and then a little one that has diamonds all around the edge! This is a bit small for me because I’ve had it for long but it fits like a choker which makes it look really really nice on outfits for Christmas or special occasions!

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In the past, I made a blog post about these bracelets if some of you remember! They are handmade pearl bracelets that I made with my cousin and they’re actually very very cute I have the Rosegold one currently and the black one I lost actually. Since I loose just about anything! But the Rosegold one goes so good with pink clothes or white clothes or any clothes like pastels and I’m in love with that!

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If you’re my friend then you will know that I wear this necklace almost every single day when I don’t wear other necklaces! So this necklace I got from my mom for my birthday last year and she got it on this site called Stargaze Jewelry!  I love it because I love rose gold and of course it says my name!

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The story behind this necklace is I found this in my mom‘s jewellery collection actually in October and I’m pretty sure she’s had this since she was a teenager or in college and I just really loved it! This is one of those ones that opens and closes and you can put pictures inside of it so I’m thinking I’m going to do that and insert a picture of my friends!

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Now this necklace is really simple, it’s a plain circle with a diamond in the middle! It’s so simple and dainty! It looks great with anything!

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Everybody needs at least one ring and these rings I wear on one hand but I  usually only wear one of them but for the purpose of the blog post I put both of them on my pinky finger so I could show you them together! They have little diamonds in the middle, the one on the left has purple and then the one on the right has silver! These are very adorable and go with anything!

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So usually for my earrings I just wear plain old Crystal studs but these are so cute and vintage they go with any simple piece of clothing! They just add to that outfit and make your outfit pop!


Rings are my absolute favourite piece of jewellery item to wear nowadays and this is my favourite ring in the entire world! My mom got it for me on an online website called sunflower jewels and it has a heart in the middle with diamonds all around and then on the two bands there’s  diamonds on there too I think there’s about six! I am obsessed with this ring, I wear every single day especially when I wear fake nails and I just love it!

So there you guys go! These are my favourite jewellery items to wear and I wear just about every piece of this collection every single month and if you guys want to know where I got all of them then I might do an Instagram story on it but let me know!

Thank you for reading!!