Summer 2018

Hi guys, it’s Janine and i’m a year older. It’s obviously been a few months since our last post! This upcoming school year is my senior year and i’m going to be very busy, I might blog sometimes but it really depends on my schedule. I won’t say that Findthebeautyy is back, for now at least, but I wanted to write a post today and get everything going slightly. (If you didn’t catch it last time, Maddy has left the blog to pursue other interests but i’ll be continuing whenever I can)

Summer 2018 basically consists of me preparing for senior year of high school, working on writing and organizing my life for lack of a better word lol. I’ve been planning and organizing what I’m going to be doing this year and after I graduate along with relaxing and of course, binge watching the new season of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. (it’s great by the way)

I thought today i’d come back on the blog and make a post of some of the summer photography taken, and add in a quick life update. Summed up, though.

  • I got a new iPhone 7 for Christmas
  • Fell in love during spring break (rip, we’re taking a break until we’re adults because it’s long distance)
  • Had my 17th birthday in May
  • Finished my grade 11 year
  • Hungout with my friends, went on some adventures
  • Dyed my hair maroon again
  • Practiced driving and fixed up my rooms
  • Started working out again, redyed my hair because the color came out
  • Got a new computer because mine broke (rip computer of 10 years)
  • I’m now beginning to write again and organize everything for my senior year etc.


That’s basically what’s been happening, that’s majorly important anyways haha. With all the organizing and planning being done this summer however, i’ve been on little but meaningful adventures with people I love, and by myself. So here’s some pictures we’ve taken along the way:



Summer’s not over yet so there will be many more photos to come and plenty of memories to make. I can’t believe that it’s almost 2019 already and that this year i’ll be graduating finally. It’s scary, stressful, exciting and it’ll definitely be a journey to remember!

I’ll see you all next time, whenever that is.




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