My Favourite Jewelry Items – November Edition

“A beautiful necklace really adds the perfect touch to an outfit.”

This post is going to be just a short collection of my favourite necklaces and other jewelry items that i’ve collected over the years. I love all these items so much so let’s get into it!

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This necklace has a key on it, it’s so cute and sparkly and I just love it! The gold just really adds to an outfit, it makes it pop amazingly!

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Oh my goodness, this is probably one of the most beautiful necklaces I’ve ever gotten as a gift. So sparkly and gorgeous, it has a little blue tint to the diamonds and I am in love with it!

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Normally, I don’t wear gold hoop earring’s or any hoop earrings but these gold ones are so pretty and I feel like the good just makes it pop out so much! They look really good with my green eyes and I just fell in love with these ones!

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You guys have probably seen me post about this necklace before, I got it on the site and I love it so much! It has an amethyst stone on the outer edge and then in the middle is a half moon! It’s so cute and long!

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I’ve had this necklace for really long, and you can’t really see in the picture but it’s super shiny! It has two hearts; a big one that says love and then a little one that has diamonds all around the edge! This is a bit small for me because I’ve had it for long but it fits like a choker which makes it look really really nice on outfits for Christmas or special occasions!

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In the past, I made a blog post about these bracelets if some of you remember! They are handmade pearl bracelets that I made with my cousin and they’re actually very very cute I have the Rosegold one currently and the black one I lost actually. Since I loose just about anything! But the Rosegold one goes so good with pink clothes or white clothes or any clothes like pastels and I’m in love with that!

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If you’re my friend then you will know that I wear this necklace almost every single day when I don’t wear other necklaces! So this necklace I got from my mom for my birthday last year and she got it on this site called Stargaze Jewelry!  I love it because I love rose gold and of course it says my name!

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The story behind this necklace is I found this in my mom‘s jewellery collection actually in October and I’m pretty sure she’s had this since she was a teenager or in college and I just really loved it! This is one of those ones that opens and closes and you can put pictures inside of it so I’m thinking I’m going to do that and insert a picture of my friends!

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Now this necklace is really simple, it’s a plain circle with a diamond in the middle! It’s so simple and dainty! It looks great with anything!

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Everybody needs at least one ring and these rings I wear on one hand but I  usually only wear one of them but for the purpose of the blog post I put both of them on my pinky finger so I could show you them together! They have little diamonds in the middle, the one on the left has purple and then the one on the right has silver! These are very adorable and go with anything!

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So usually for my earrings I just wear plain old Crystal studs but these are so cute and vintage they go with any simple piece of clothing! They just add to that outfit and make your outfit pop!


Rings are my absolute favourite piece of jewellery item to wear nowadays and this is my favourite ring in the entire world! My mom got it for me on an online website called sunflower jewels and it has a heart in the middle with diamonds all around and then on the two bands there’s  diamonds on there too I think there’s about six! I am obsessed with this ring, I wear every single day especially when I wear fake nails and I just love it!

So there you guys go! These are my favourite jewellery items to wear and I wear just about every piece of this collection every single month and if you guys want to know where I got all of them then I might do an Instagram story on it but let me know!

Thank you for reading!!




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