Christmas Gift Guide

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.”

Hi beauties, Christmas is around the corner and by now probably 70% of people have gifts. Wrapped, labelled and ready to go for the big day. Not the case for me and several other people! Unfortunately, this happens every year and it’s a huge struggle to find the perfect gift for the right person.


You go to stores, frantically trying to find gifts but they’re almost all sold out in items that are especially unforgettable. is a website that sells unique products that are handmade by people around the globe. The website has handmade, recycled and organic gifts for everyone of any age. They have collections in categories on the website to help you find items for the specific person you’re looking to give gifts to.

Finding gifts for friends is a hard task, especially for teen friends because usually teenagers are picky with the types of gifts they want. To find the most amazing teen gifts, you can view them on the website here.


Uncommongoods even has an expert gift guide to assist you in finding just the right gift for anybody. Sunny, their expert gift guide, searches a broad spectrum of interests all at once to get you a personalized collection of gifts. To summarize, he allows you to see items that fit your interests or the person you’re gifting to! We highly recommend using Sunny because he does all the work for you conveniently and helps you find just the perfect item! See a
Sunny IG screenshots

To find a great stocking stuffer, you can view a collection here.When you find the great gift, sometimes you may be like me and totally forget to find stocking stuffers! I constantly am forgetting this year by year and by using this gift guide and using the other collections included on the website, it will definitely help you get everything done at once!

Thank you guys for reading and if we don’t upload before Christmas, we’re wishing you all the happiest of Christmases!!


-M and J

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