Sleep Stories + Sleep Meditation (For Insomnia)

“Sleep is the best meditation” -Dalai Lama

Hi lovelies! For about 5 months now, I have been using sleep stories and sleep meditation to relax me and put me to sleep. In the summer, I had some trouble sleeping because of how hot it was – so I tried sleep stories and that put me right to sleep.

I fell in love with it and honestly, I think that now that I have been using the app, I can’t even really sleep without it. Because of that, I do some nights without it when i’m super tired and I know I don’t need it. Some nights that I’m stressed or can’t fall asleep, I sleep with my headphones in and listening to either a sleep story or sleep meditation. No addiction is good, but I LOVE this app so much and the sleep stories are my absolute favorite.

2017-11-04 11.59.29

The app I use for this is called Slumber and they explain their app like this: “Slumber is a collection of ultra-relaxing sleep meditations and bedtime stories designed to beat insomnia and help you fall asleep fast.” 

Here’s how it works: 1. Choose a sleep meditation or story to listen to as you fall asleep. All slumber tracks are designed to put you in a state of deep relaxation.  2. Then, adjust the nature sounds and background effects to create the perfect ambiance, and you’ll stay asleep all night!

2017-11-04 12.08.08

For all the different types of stories or sleep meditations, you can choose the sound effects and delayed ending. Sometimes if one of the stories is only like 20 minutes, I delay the ending about 30 minutes to make sure that I will fall asleep deeper. The sound effects I use most are white noise and ocean. The ocean option is so relaxing because of the wave noises, who doesn’t love waves crashing on the shore?

I use white noise because of all the benefits of it. Here’s a list of some:

  • It will lead you towards deeper meditation
  • Babies are crying a lot due to colic. The sound will give them a soothing environment and will be helpful to make them asleep (you can buy a white noise machine)
  •  The sound can be an effective tool for insomnia patients by combating sleeplessness or restlessness
  • Reduces ear ringing
  •  The use of while noise can show results with Children suffering with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in their attention and learning
  •  It draws your attention without disturbing your emotional quotient
  • It removes your mental disturbances and confusion, thus good for the quietness of mind
  • The sound has the power to enhance your productivity
  •  It improves your work efficiency and concentration by preventing outside disturbances
  • The pleasing sound helps to contend vertigo and dizziness
  • It helps the patients of ICU by combating other sounds of the area thus developing a relaxing aroma
  •  It can be used in flight and hotel rooms to ease from annoying sounds and helps to ensure peaceful environment


There’s six FREE different sleep meditation and sleep stories, you can also purchase more if you’d like a different selection but personally, I have the free version for now. My favorites are: Leaf In A Stream, The Cat And Mouse (Is a bit childish but I love how calming it is), and The Birds of Yosemite.

2017-11-04 12.01.31


2017-11-04 12.01.17

My #1 Favourite is The Birds of Yosemite because it’s so long, I love how calming it is and how relaxing the narrator’s voice is. It’s a sleep story and whenever I listen to it, I fall asleep within twenty minutes, not waking up once in the night. I also don’t need to put a delayed ending on it due to how long the actual story lasts. (Which is great)

2017-11-04 12.01.04


Thank you guys for reading! Comment if you’ll be trying out this app or you have an app like this that you use as well so we can help other people get a MUCH better sleep!




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